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First Publication in the HyPELignum Project!

New published article from the HyPELignum project!

Recently, HyPELignum researcher, Giorgio Tofani and coworkers from the National Institute of Chemistry in Solvenia published an article in the international journal Green Chemistry titled ‘Organosolv biorefinery: resource-based process optimisation, pilot technology scale-up and economics’.

This review article discusses the different types of resources available for biorefineries using organosolv methods. Not only do they delve into lignocellulosic sources and the various organosolv methods but also the developments into scaling up the process to make it more commercially viable and how certain challenges have prevented this development so far.

Last but not least, they describe future opportunities for this technology in order to overcome such challenges and improve the organosolv process.
Read the complete review article here: Organosolv biorefinery: d3gc03274d 186..201 ++ (rsc.org)

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