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Planned Demonstrators


Two concepts for manufacturing ecoPCBs will be explored.

3D-eco-PCB: Based on the sequential deposition, via inkjet printing, of conductive and dielectric inks onto fiberwood substrates.

Plywood-eco-PCB: Wood veneers will be utilized as support substrates for screen printing of different conductive layers. Assembling of printed veneers will be used to create multilayer plywood ecoPCB.

Integration of Sensors and actuators within large area wooden construction elements

Additive manufacturing of sensors and actuators onto timber construction materials.

Sensorised Furniture

Development of IoT smart furniture will allow active sensing of air quality and monitoring of office occupation/utilization.

The developed concept will include printed antennas, circuitry, VOC sensors a highly efficient µchip and a forest-based energy storage unit.

Covalent adaptable networks (CAN)-based electronic and substrate separation

To make the recycling of the different materials (electronics and wood) possible, novel coating formulations,  based on Covalent adaptable networks (CAN), will be proposed and developed. These will act as thermally or chemically degradable interposing layers between the wood substrates and the printed electronics.