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PROFACTOR GmbH is an Austrian research company located in Steyr which focuses on developing new methods for integrated production technologies. The technological focus is on functional surfaces and nanostructures, robotics and machine vision. About 80 scientists of various disciplines conduct research to improve the competitiveness of the production industry and to strengthen the Austrian and European industry. PRO covers the whole range from basic research to applied research. The company focuses on closing the innovation gap between research results and market introduction. The collaboration with industry is an essential task for PRO and by partnering with approx. 400 companies, more than 1240 projects were successfully established and finished since its foundation in 1995. The group involved in TEX-hype project is the department of Functional Surfaces and Nanostructures (FON). FON is focusing its research on Additive Micro/Nano Fabrication (based on nanoimprinting and inkjet printing technology). More than 20 highly skilled researchers and engineers are working on bringing results emanating from research projects (FFG, H2020, BMVIT) to production (industry projects). The group is highly experienced and skilled in process and material development for inkjet printing of functional structures like printed electronics, multi-material and multilayer printing, printing on freeform substrates (robotic based inkjet, digital tampon printing). The group has also broad experience in the treatment of surfaces by plasma methods to improve the wettability of inks on different materials, and has extensive knowledge in developing curing strategies.

Role in HyPELignum: Development of printing strategies for conductive and dielectric inks developed by consortium partners.

Link to Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/profactor/