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Empa – the place where innovation starts…

  • Empa is the interdisciplinary research institute for materials science and technology of the ETH Domain and conducts cutting-edge researchfor the
    benefit of industry and the well-being of society
    • Within national and international networks we develop science-based solutions for pressing challenges of society and industry
    • Together with our partners we turn research results into innovations, thus boosting the innovative capacity and the international competitiveness of the Swiss economy.
    • Furthermore, Empa works out the scientific basis for the sustainable development of our society and for political decisions.


Cellulose & Wood Materials:

Our lab aims to understand naturally existing structures in wood based resources and tailor interactions between renewable polymers, nanoparticles and colloids. The major goal of this work is to find energy efficient routes to build high performance materials contributing to a sustainable future. To this end, we collaborate with researchers and industry together addressing important technological challenges.

Contact@Empa: Thomas GeigerGustav Nyström

Technology and Society Lab, ERAM Group:

A holistic sustainability assessment of materials, processes, and demonstrators developed within the project will be performed to understand the sustainability hotspots for wood-based electronics, and to define critical indicators and criteria for ”green” or ”sustainable” electronics. The broader objective of our research here is to derive a decision support or guidance system that will assist in the further development of sustainable and climate neutral printed electronics.

Contact@Empa: Claudia SomAkshat Sudheshwar